City of Vernon California

E-Waste Event 2017

Vernon Means Business

The City of Vernon Health Department, in partnership with Arion Global, Inc., has scheduled a business electronics waste (e-waste) recycling event in Vernon! For one day only, Vernon businesses, employees and residents will be able to drop off most e-waste and the City will provide for the removal and disposal for free.

 When:    Tuesday, May 23, 2017 From 10am – 2pm
 Where:    Vernon Fire Station #76 3375 Fruitland Avenue
 (Enter on driveway next to 3345 Fruitland Ave. and follow the arrows)

Items Allowed:

Personal Computers  Laptops  CRT Monitors  TVs  Plasma TVs 
LCD Screens  Keyboards  Mouse/Trackballs  Typewriters  Copiers 
Fax Machines  Telephones  Cell Phones  VCRs  Pagers 
Radios  Stereos  Speakers  Hard Drives  DVDs 
Remote Controls  Modems/Servers  Circuit Boards  Answering Machines 

**Only items listed can be accepted; no household hazardous wastes such as paint, solvents, pesticides, oils, etc. are permitted.

Cost:  e-waste will be collected for FREE while Universal wastes require additional fees:
• Loose batteries will be accepted at $1.50/lb
• Straight fluorescent tubes will be accepted at $0.25/foot
• Mixed fluorescent bulbs will be accepted at $3.50/lb
• No computer cartridges will be accepted at this time
**Arion Global will bill companies directly 

For questions or for businesses requiring special handling or large loads, please contact us at (323) 583-8811 at extension 233.