City of Vernon California

City Administrator

Vernon's city administrator oversees the city's daily operations, public relations, legislative process and finances. The City Administrator's Department also develops programs to benefit Vernon's business community. The Vernon City Council appoints the city administrator, who acts as its chief staff advisor and provides essential information for the council's decision-making process.


Carlos R. Fandino Jr.

City Administrator since 2016, Fandino has amassed over 30 years’ experience as a public servant in the municipal utility industry. Over the years, Fandino has participated in almost every aspect of the department’s operations. He was on the original team tasked to commandeer the Vernon electrical system after the City successfully negotiated a settlement with Southern California Edison to reinstate operating rights, as well as on the team charged with constructing the Malburg Generation Station. Fandino’s successes in managing complex financial transactions, bond financing, departmental budgets, and Vernon’s infrastructural needs, has resulted in Vernon becoming a model of good governance.

Prior to his appointment as City Administrator, Fandino served as the Director of the Gas and Electric Department (now known as Vernon Public Utilities). As the Director, Fandino oversaw a multi-million-dollar budget and approximately 45 employees. Prior to this, Fandino served as a Systems Operator, and eventually worked his way through various supervisory and managerial positions ranging from an Electric Dispatcher, Resource Scheduler, Senior Dispatcher, Operations Manager, and Project and Engineering Manager.

Formerly, Fandino served in the US Marine Corp, attended the Marine Corps Engineers School and graduated as an 1141 Electrician. In 1990, he was activated as a reservist to serve in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Fandino served with the 2nd Marine Division Light Armored Vehicle Battalion where he acquired esteemed credentials, invaluable experience, and was honored with numerous awards and medals during his tenure. Upon conclusion of his military service, Fandino went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Management from the University of Woodbury in Burbank, graduating Magna Cum Laude, further preparing him for his future successes at Vernon.

As a husband of over 25 years and father of three, Fandino has been an integral part of the lives of each of his children as well as in mentoring children within his community. And as a sports enthusiast, Fandino has devoted much of his spare time to coaching basketball offering guidance to the students in his charge.