City of Vernon California

Public Works Division


The Public Works division is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the City’s infrastructure, City-owned buildings, warehouse and vehicle fleet. Comprised of more than 20 employees, the division consists of the engineering and survey sections, public works crews and city garage.

The engineering section is responsible for administering city contracts and designing public improvements, such as roadways, storm drains, sewers, traffic signals and City-owned buildings. This section also maintains plans for city construction projects, and prepares legal descriptions for street dedications.

The survey section maintains Vernon’s centerline ties, monuments and benchmarks, providing the basis from which private property lines are established in the City. It is also responsible for engineering and inspecting city-run construction projects.

Public Works pic 2Public works crews maintain the City’s sewer and storm drain systems in addition to City-owned trees and buildings. These crews also provide graffiti removal and repair concrete and asphalt surfaces on City property. The City garage warehouses supplies and maintains a fleet of more than 300 vehicles and pieces of equipment.

The Public Works Division reviews, inspects and approves all new construction within the public right-of-way, and cooperates with other departments to review and process all parcel maps, lot line adjustments, lot mergers, covenants and agreements.  ains a fleet of more than 300 vehicles and pieces of equipment.