City of Vernon California

Planning Division

The Planning division oversees development in the City, with responsibilities that include maintaining Vernon’s General Plan and administering the City’s Zoning Ordinance, conditional use permits, parcel map and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) applications.

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Zoning Ordinance

Vernon’s Zoning Ordinance establishes development rules for the City, carrying out the objectives laid out in the General Plan. This includes setting development standards for parking and loading, minimum lot sizes and setback requirements. Click here for a link to the zoning map.


Conditional Use Permit

alcoa renderingAny property uses that could be detrimental to the environment or the surrounding community must be in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and be authorized by the Vernon City Council, which issues conditional use permits. Planning division staff evaluates the conditional use permit application, which includes an operations plan, hazardous waste inventory plan, traffic report, CEQA application and an environmental checklist. Once an application has been received, staff prepares a report and schedules a public hearing. After the public hearing, the Vernon City Council determines whether the permit application has been denied, approved or approved with conditions. Click the link to download Instructions and Application for a Conditional Use Permit



Property owners seeking a variance from zoning code requirements must submit an application to the Planning division, which evaluates the application for completeness, prepares a report and arranges a public hearing. After a public hearing, the Vernon City Council determines whether to grant the variance. Click here for the Building Code Variance Application and Zoning Variance Application.


Parcel Map, Lot Line Adjustments and Lot Mergers

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All new lots created in Vernon, either by a parcel map or lot line adjustment, must conform with the City’s building and zoning code requirements. The Planning division works with the Public Works and Building divisions to review all parcel maps, lot line adjustments and voluntary lot merger applications. The Public Works division evaluates all legal descriptions; the Building division is responsible for building code compliance; and the Planning division oversees zoning compliance and the environmental review process.