City of Vernon California

Building Division


The Building division differs from most cities in that the City retains individual inspectors specifically trained to enforce specific branches of the construction industry, including building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The City contracts for structural review. Given the specialized knowledge of each inspector and the ability to freely communicate regarding specific projects it permits the City to expedite plan check review and handle specific issues unique to an industrial environment in an efficient manner.

Building Division Services

construction site07 2Working in conjunction with Vernon Environmental Health and Fire Departments, the Building division conducts an occupancy inspection for each and every tenant moving into the City. The purpose of this inspection is to inform the tenant of any code issues that may not permit the tenant to use the building as intended, including storage heights, food handling requirements, processes that will require special rooms, etc. It also provides a mechanism for the City to inspect the structure for the safety issues that could harm the tenant or its employees. 

Building Division Responsibilities

The Building division is responsible for enforcing and administering City, State and Federal Building and Safety Code regulations. This division provides services including plan checking, inspections of all new construction and renovated structures, capital improvement projects, additions and remodeling including all major heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, electrical, plumbing and structural systems. Other responsibilities include the issuance of Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fire systems permits. Click here to apply for a permit.

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Please contact the City of Vernon, Building Division before starting any project to determine if City approvals, permits, and inspections are required. Click here for General Building Tips and FAQ’s.