City of Vernon California

Animal & Vector Control

Animal Control:

The Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) is the primary agency responsible for animal control in the City of Vernon. SEAACA responds to reports of stray or injured animals through its contract with the City, which is administered by the Vernon Health Department. The Department supplements SEAACA animal control activities by licensing dogs, investigating reports of animal bites and imposing quarantines when appropriate.

The Department also administers a free live trap loan program to assist businesses contain stray animals.  For further information or requesting a trap, please contact our office.

Vector Control:

The Department conducts frequent inspections and issues notices of violation to control the city’s population of vectors, which are organisms involved in the spread of diseases. The Department performs rodent surveys to identify vector activity, and applies pesticides to control vector populations.

In addition, the City of Vernon contracts with the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District for mosquito control.  Click here for more information.