City of Vernon California

Licenses & Permits

In order to conduct business within the boundaries of the City, every sole proprietor or other business entity must obtain a business license.  All business licenses are paid in advance and are due prior to the commencement of business operations.  The business license is valid for the calendar year, unless it is expressly stated that is for a different time duration.   The business license tax amount is dependent upon the business classification and activity level.  Renewals are done annually. Renewal notices are mailed in mid-November each year.  Business license renewal applications and taxes are due by December 31st. There is a grace period prior to penalties being applied.  Failure to remit the application and business license tax on or before the close of business on the first day of February will result in the assessment of a 10% penalty. Additional late penalties accrue at a rate of 10% per month with a penalty cap at 50% of the business license amount owed. It is the sole responsibility of the business owner to make sure the business license it renewed annually.