City of Vernon California

Residents and Businesses Partner to Divert 5 Tons of Electronic Waste From Landfills In a Single Day

Press Release

Vernon, Calif. (May 24, 2017) - The City of Vernon Health Department and Arion Global, Inc. partnered with area residents and businesses for the 10th Annual e-Waste Recycling Event yesterday. The one-day event drew truckloads of old, broken or unused electronic waste. In just four hours, the one-day event diverted more than five tons of electronic waste from landfills.

"It's really important to recycle electronic waste because electronics have chemicals that can leach into the soil and pollute groundwater and the environment," explained the City's Health Director, Keith Allen.

He continued, "Events like these allow us to partner with our businesses and residents to preserve our precious natural resources. We are very fortunate to be a part of a great community that understands the importance of recycling"

In total, more than 15 pallets of electronic waste including: 14 televisions, 22 fax machines, four full-sized copy machines, 50 printers, 57 computers, 43 monitors, over 400 fluorescent light bulbs and much more. The free event was part of the City's ongoing 'Green Vernon' initiative. Under the 'Green Vernon' initiative, the City has committed to stimulating green development within the City and establishing a series of programs to enhance environmental sustainability and support economic vitality, while protecting the health of its residents and workers and the residents in surrounding communities. To learn more about 'Green Vernon,' visit