City of Vernon California

John Van de Kamp issues January 2017 Independent Special Counsel Report, concludes ‘Vernon is no longer an outlier city.’

February 13, 2017 

Press Release

Vernon, CA – John Van de Kamp, Vernon's Independent Special Counsel, has issued his 12th biannual assessment of the city's good governance policies and practices.

Mr. Van de Kamp, in his 32-page January 2017 Independent Special Counsel Report, concluded, "Vernon is no longer an outlier City. It is helping other Cities through its CommUNITY grant program. It came to Huntington Park's aid [last year] by hosting [the] Sabor de Mexico Lindo Downtown Festival."

Mr. Van de Kamp's report highlighted the city's positive economic progress, citing Vernon's recent year-over-year surge in private sector building activity – noted by an estimated $122 million in building construction value in 2016 compared to $76 million in 2015.

"Vernon is free of scandals," Mr. Van de Kamp wrote in summation. "Boring, yes – perhaps. But not so boring as it addresses the issues that confront it as an industrial city, and the issues that most public entities are also facing. The good news is that Vernon has identified them and is attempting to deal with them without losing its special nature," he wrote.

To read Mr. Van de Kamp's January 31, 2017 Independent Special Counsel Report, click here.