City of Vernon California

Powering Business Competitiveness

Vernon's municipal Light & Power Department provides businesses reliable and low-cost utility services. Vernon Light & Power has operated for more than 70 years. Today, it provides electricity, gas, and fiber optic service.

The Vernon Light & Power's electrical power and distribution system helps guarantee uninterrupted electrical service for Vernon's businesses. Electricity costs for large businesses are less than power costs from competing utility providers in the Los Angeles region.

Vernon's natural gas distribution system offers significant advantages for businesses. Vernon's natural gas rates are less than rates offered by a private natural gas utility. Vernon natural gas is distributed through a network of more than 44-miles of six-inch gas pipes and seven-miles of natural gas transmission pipe.

Vernon has 35 miles of fiber optic cable spanning its five-square miles, offering businesses 'dark fiber' and 'lit fiber' data services. Vernon's advanced network of fiber optic cable provides businesses new high-speed methods to virtually connect their buildings and offices to the Internet at lower costs.

Vernon's Water Department offers large industrial users water rates that are among the lowest in Southern California. Vernon maintains reliable water sources to serve a customer base that uses a high volume of water.

Vernon supplies water from city-owned wells and purchases water supplies from regional agencies through agreements with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD).